Kaleo Wheeler
Musical Storytelling with Messages from the Heart

A brilliant hybrid of song, harp, dance & talk story


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The Joy is the Voice of Love Center
Balancing Heart, Mind & Spirit
Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best
Kaleo has fused her rich and warm voice with song, harp, dance and her intoxicating gift for storytelling.  She will whisk you off to a world of peace and relaxation from which you will never want to escape.  Covering a range of song styles with both voice and harp, and sharing an ancient form of storytelling from the Hawaiian tradition, their traditional Hula, Kaleo's intention is to help the audience to return home feeling renewed, inspired, energized, uplifted, united and more at peace within themselves.  She has been sharing her music and stories for over 30 years.  She can also bring the warm sun of Hawai'i to you through her Hawaiian Musical Storytelling concerts.

The Joy is the Voice of Love Center helps you to create a better relationship with your world so your experience of the world changes to one of more joy, fun and fulfillment. Balancing Heart, Mind and Spirit, the Hawaiian Way, is a spirit/body/mind integration system for self-evolvement and transformation. Its foundation and the practical and simple tools shared come from two Ancient Age traditions - what the Hawaiian call "Living the Aloha Spirit" and the Chinese Tao - the Law of Relativity. 

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Me ke aloha pumehana (with warm regards),
This video was created by Katy Fisher
"I don't think that I have ever attended a weekend that was as loving an experience.  And the techniques are useful - simple - practical and fun to do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing them."

"Kaleo's kind spirit and the gentleness of her words and thoughts just make our hearts rejoice.  When we thought of funs things to offer to our residents, she was the first person who came to mind – because of that gentle spirit; and because after the show, there were smiles on everyone’s faces.  It was as if our spirit was lifted up."  

"Aloha! Your music is incredible and so deeply touching the soul .... May you touch many souls as you touched mine.  Namaste"
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Current News from Kaleo

I had such a wonderful time being interviewed by Bob Hanna on his weekly radio show from 12-1 EST, Living Well on AFM radio this past Monday, December 15.  He made me feel so welcome and comfortable in "talking story" with him about the Hawaiian culture, the traditional hula and chant, my Musical Storytelling and the Joy is the Voice of Love Center.  He definitely has the "Aloha Spirit"!  To hear the podcast of the show, you can go to his website: www.bobhannaphd.com.  To find out more about his weekly show, visit: www.ashevillefm.org.

Also wishing you a very happy holiday season.  Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

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