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Ulana, The Way of the Heart

by Kaleo Wheeler

Ulana, the Way of the Heart is a woven tapestry of songs and chants from several ancient cultures as well as several modern original songs. For thousands of years, these ancient traditions have used story, song and movement to enable us to better understand our lives. They touch us in a way that reconnects us and deepens our understanding of ourselves and the many different journeys that we experience throughout our lives. They inspire us, elevating us from our present state.

All of the songs together guide the listener on a musical odyssey to remember that we are all one family, one people - no matter what country, culture or background we originate from - and that we are all looking for the same thing - to love and be loved.

Ulana was created during a very bad breakup of a relationship Kaleo had been in—one of those very “dark nights of the soul”, and the making of it was what gave her the strength and perseverance to find her way through it and back to her heart. She is sharing her story through song now to comfort and uplift other women.

When we open to the love in our hearts, magic truly does happen.

"Ulana is a powerful statement of love, wholeness, and respect for all life. Bask in its energy and you will be transported to a realm where the spirit is real." - Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life

"Ulana, The Way of the Heart is deeply beautiful, spiritually moving and well done in every way. Kudos for a magnificent album!" -Richard Shulman, keyboardist and composer

"When I listen to this CD, I feel like I’m waling on the ocean shores with the wind blowing across my face as peace settles in my spirit and in my soul. Whenever I need to take a break from life and get away from all the busyness that life can bring, I listen to Kaleo’s CD. It will wisk you off into a world of peace and relaxation that you will never want to escape from. It always brings me back to what really matters in life, love and relationships." -Michelle Williams – Artist/Poet from AGOZOEnt.com

"Kaleo’s music is very calming and helps me center and breath deep….Sorta like being wrapped up in a warm blanket and being held by tender arms." -Becca Weaver, Johnson City TN

"Kaleo has the most soul-touching power with her music and songs…..(they) have soothed my ragged edges." -Bonita Osley, Asheville NC