The Hawaiian 3 Aspects of the Self - Heart, Mind & Spirit



For many people, the islands of Hawai'i represents paradise. Many of the visitors that go there often find a deep sense of connection to the land and a need to return or perhaps to even move there.

What is the magic of Hawai'i that seems to pull at one's heart? Why is this feeling of it being paradise so strong there? Anthropologists have held the opinion that the Polynesians came from India or Southeast Asia. Many elders and kahunas of Hawai'i claim that their knowledge and culture originated in the Pacific and spread from there to the rest of the world. Researchers now are finding certain key Hawaiian words and place names in other parts of the world, which seem to confirm these claims. The Hawaiian Islands that we know today are believed by some to be the tops of the mountains of the original land call Mu, which was a very spiritual land. It is also believed that this huge land mass disappeared under the ocean many generations ago and the mountain tops of Mu have just re-surfaced in recent times.

The magic of Hawai'i, then, is in the land itself. It is the intangible substance that one experiences as charm, warmth, sincerity, generosity and love known to many in Hawai'i as "the Aloha Spirit", the Way of the Heart. The ancient Hawaiians believed that this is a Power of Love that can enable each of us to fully embrace all that is implied by the term "to be fully human" and to be able perceive the oneness of all things. It is no coincidence that so much interest is developing about Hawai'i today. We are at a time in our evolution as humans where we can create a world where we can all live together in community and in peaceful co-existence. This ancient and powerful knowledge of the "Spirit of Aloha" is becoming popular at this time because it can help us to create this.

The Islands were invaded twice, starting around 1200 AD, forcing the Hawaiians each time to protect their history and knowledge by hiding it with the individual Hawaiian families and within the language itself. This knowledge, sometimes called Huna, is the understanding of life as a vital living philosophy. The word “huna” also means “hidden”; but what is meant by that is the knowledge that is “hidden” within each of us to be re-discovered now. It is about living our lives from a love-based reality rather than a fear or warrior-based one that has been so prevalent in our world for so many generations. In embracing the Hawaiian “Aloha Spirit” and all that it means, we have a practical way for understanding the true essence of who we are and for giving Love a real place in our world. The Hawaiians also had no written form until the 1800’s when the missionaries arrived and created one for them. The kahunas and elders of Hawai’i are also sharing more of this knowledge with us, to help us in the evolution of our world. And now with all that is also available to us through modern technology, we have an incredible gift and opportunity to be able to learn and embrace this way of life.

The first step is in understanding the Hawaiian Three Aspects of the Self – Heart, Mind and Spirit. In learning how to bring them into harmony (Pono) and integration within ourselves, we can move forward in the world and in our community with others with awareness, strength, confidence and in vibrant health. I will be going more into each of these Aspects in my next blogs.

Until then, E Malama Pono (Be well and in harmony),