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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

  Expressing Yourself through 
a "Living Language of
Love, Positivity, Joy & Gratitude

This class is a unique opportunity to experience a way of living that will seem very new and unique - but actually is not.  What is being shared has tremendous roots in history, yet is completely relevant in our modern world.  In going back and learning about an ancient original form of the Law of Attraction, through the Hawaiian Path of Gratitude you can learn how to go forward to transform your whole body/mind/spirit system, with very simple and doable tools to  Create The Life Your Choose for yourself and with all your relations in the world around you. 

It is:

  • grounded in the belief that we are Spiritual Beings choosing to be involved in this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spiritual Self-Greatness.

  • recognizing our experiences in life and with each other as "wonderful opportunities" and lessons to be grateful for each day in helping us to grow and evolve.

  • It is in remembering and choosing to see what is positive in our life rather than the negative that we have been conditioned to focus on.

  • It is choosing to live our life in joy, well being and compassion within the world of trauma/drama around us.

E Komo Mai - Come Join Us!  You do not want to miss being in our "canoe" and paddling with us in bringing more love and light into your life and into the world that is so needed now through this ancient Path of Gratitude - Hawaiian Style.

Classes and Trainings are available in person in Spartanburg and Greenville Sc 
and online on Zoom