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Stepping Into Your Self Greatness
through Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

The Heart of Aloha
A Woman's Path to Empowerment
Ancient Indigenous Wisdom


An Integrated, Unique Heart-Based System 
Aligning Your Mind, Body & Spirit
to ​
Live A Joyful Life in Confidence, Strength, Loving Kindness & Well Being

Discover the magical ways of a quietly powerful, natural, balanced and practical system of living, created by the Ancient Indigenous Hawaiian culture. 
It is Living Aloha and is Grounded in the Ancient Spiritual Practice of
Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala
Making Right More Right, The Path

The Hawaiian "Smiling" Law of Manifestation 

(one of the oldest  forms of  The Law of Attraction)

Aloha has its origins in ancient wisdom and an ancient culture yet it is completely relevant to these modern times. 

It is rich in insights that are profound, universal and easily understood.

Living Aloha teaches us balance in life, along with a life-affirming approach toward ourselves and others.  It emphasizes a loving way of life, direct action and personal responsibility.  Based on the acronym of the word, Aloha, it is to be: unassuming, in unity/oneness with yourself and others, truthful to yourself, humble and patient and perseverant.

Living Aloha is a personal energy management system and the integration of the body, mind and spirit, helping us to live our desired experiences in Joy and Inner Peace. It gives practical  and doable tools to use in virtually every aspect of life; is a perfect complement to other spiritual systems and often enhances our understanding of them.  It does not require belief but emphasizes the workable and the practical.


This ancient tradition is a precious resource in our modern world that is punctuated by stress, chaos and uncertainty.  Loving yourself and nurturing other beings and the land and living in harmony with all of life is the essence of Aloha.  For making personal changes, it is highly effective and it gives you a definite plan of action.  Those who will benefit from this system of living are those who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, and who have the vision to ascend to a higher level of being.

The Heart of Aloha was created by Kaleo Nahenahe Wheeler.   Drawing from what helped her in her life to heal an trasform her life from past traumatic experiences, she now helps other women to experience the same Live a Life of Joy and Well Being.

This program also includes techniques from the original Hawaiian Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, Making Right More Right, the Path and the Ancient Smiling Law of Manifestation (one of the original forms of the Law of Attraction.

 It also uses an ancient form of storytelling through movement—the traditional Hawaiian Hula.  Hula is an energy and therapeutic dance and helps us to deepen our understanding of ourselves, inspires us and elevates us from our present state.   It is a celebration of the heart for the wonderful gift of life.  Through it we can reconnect to who we are and to the feeling of moving with the flow and energy of nature.


The traditional Hawaiian Oli (chant)  is also an important tool to help you to open to the love in your heart and to the interconnectedness of all life and all generations.  


With Living Aloha being inclusive, Kaleo also brings her extensive training and experience with the Native American indigenous culture as a Ceremonialist and Spiritual Teacher to the Heart of Aloha. She shares ceremonies, rituals, classes and retreats, as another way to help you to connect to your Divine Feminine, taking you to your Inner Wisdom. 

The Heart of Aloha has a Heart-Based Transformational Mentoring program for women; and classes, trainings and opportunities to learn how to Live Aloha that includes simple and practical tools to use in all aspects of your everyday life including: work, home, recreation, health and prayer.   

Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expected the Best

“We don’t think ourselves into new ways of living;
we nurture and live ourselves into new ways of being.”