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Positive & Joyful Relationships
through the Ancient Wisdom of
Living Aloha

 The Heart of Aloha
Spiritual Counseling/Mentoring

Create Positive & Joyful Relationships
through the Ancient Indigenous Wisdom
of Aloha


Is your inner critic always making you feel there is something innately wrong with you?

Are you living someone else's life by allowing their opinions of what they think you need to

drown out your voice in what you know is right for you?  

Are you in relationships filled with conflict, misunderstandings and miscommunication,

especially with all the fear and confusion in the world around us today? 

Is this long cycle of struggle costing you too much in your inner well-being

Are you ready to make a pro-active investment in yourself to Free Your True Voice

and Find Joy, Harmony and Well Being within yourself and with all your relations?  

I have "walked in your shoes", and know exactly what you are experiencing - and I can help you, through working in partnership with you through the The Heart of Aloha Program, to reach your goals and transform your life. 



When we open the door to the incredible power
within us and express that out to the world,
magic happens.
Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

The Heart of Aloha. grounded in the ancient Universal Laws, follows the 7 Guidelines of Huna

1. The World is What You Think It Is, and therefore, the state, quality, or nature of a relationship is defined by you

2. There Are No Limits, and you are free to change your mind about any relationship, or redefine it in any way you choose in order to change your experience of it

3.  Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, and whatever part of a relationship that you give most of your attention to is the part most energized, for good or ill

4.  Now is the Moment of Power, and it is in the present moment that relationships are healed, or not

5.  To Love is to Be Happy With Someone, and the more things you like about who you are relating to, the healthier and happier the relationship will be

6.  All Power Comes From Within, and you are the one who chooses how to relate

7.  Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth, and if one plan for healing a relationship doesn't work, you can always make a new plan if you want to 

The Benefits you will receive: 

  • reconnect to your feelings, your insights, your ideas, your intuitive self, your hidden dreams.

  • let go of the old computer programs of self-limiting beliefs (your inner critic) and bring your mind and emotions together as skilled partners rather than running amok and creating chaos in our lives 

  • give Voice to the Desires of your Hearts - aligning your mind and emotions with your Spirit (your "gut feelings"/your inner guidance)

  • Express yourself through a "living language" of love, positivity, acceptance & gratitude

  • accept that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to be involved in this human experience through our interactions and lessons with each other to grow and evolve more into our Self-Greatness

  • fully embrace Your Self-Worth and belief in your Own Perfection, in knowing you are obviously the best “You” ever! No duplicates. You are it! The original YOU!

  • shine your light and bring your unique gifts and creative expression out into the world and into your relationships as a leader, team player, parent, daughter and member of the community.

What is my commitment?

A Mentoring Program in general is always more successful with a specified time period that allows for the results a client desires. Heart of Aloha Mentoring is even more conducive to developing relationship between Mentor and coach. You are more likely to reach the place you want to be with a commitment of 3 months, 6 months, or longer. However, this can be discussed in your initial call and I may be willing to work with you on individual sessions.


What is my investment?

One month of weekly zoom coaching and support via email: $1,000.00

Three months of weekly zoom coaching and support via email: $2,000 (savings of $1,000)

Six months of weekly coaching and support via email: $3,000 (savings of $2,000)

One year of weekly coaching and support via email: $6,000 (savings of $3,000)

A Holiday Special - Helping with Holiday Stress: 1 Session: $97; a package of 3 Sessions: $275 

How do I get started?

Fill out our client questionnaire and I will contact you to talk things over. Congratulations! We can do so much more together!

“We don’t think ourselves into new ways of living;
we nurture and live ourselves into new ways of being.”