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Life Insurance


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 Your family’s greatest asset is you! You should consider Life Insurance to protect their financial security in case of your untimely death.  Yet many Americans fail to plan for their own deaths, even though such an act could make the inevitable death much easier on the family left behind. 


End of Life

All too many people push the planning aside until the hour is too late. Even in the matter of wills and legacy protection, as with estate planning, and disposition of property; the treatment of death as something “optional” eventually catches up with the family involved.  Instead of being able to be in this time after of grief, they find themselves scrambling to get a funeral planned with the high cost of it covered and  with their legacy also at risk to pay off debts, mortgages and such. 

Less than 30% of the population in the US has any kind of End of Life Funding in place. This leaves loved ones having to deal with the extra burden, in addition to their grief, of having to cover the cost of the final expenses out-of-pocket, doing a GoFundMe or losing the Legacy and Assets—including your home—that you have left for them.


Continuing Income for Your Loved Ones
And a mother (or father) with  young children, who has lost their spouse and the income they provided. finds herself (or himself) in crisis and scrambling to survive.  With a permanent life insurance policy, creating continuing long term income, you and your family can have peace of mind, in knowing they will be able to continue living in  the same quality of life and lifestyle they had become accustomed to while you were with them.

Insurability Protection for Kids and Young Adults

Having permanent life insurance is for any age; and the younger you are, the more affordable the premium will be.  It also protects your insurability no matter what health issues may develop later in life or if you become disabled or chronically ill. 

Retirement Planning

Permanent policies are available that will build a savings within the life insurance policy that is safe from a market loss and are tax-free and not needed to be declared as income.  The younger you are in starting the policy, the more will be available to you at the time of your retirement. 

Is Group Life Insurance Enough?

Many people are part of a group life insurance policy through their work, and feel that is enough.  This is a myth.  First of all, it is the business insurance policy, not yours.  If your job ends, your life insurance ends; and depending on your age and health, replacing your life insurance can cost more or you might not be eligible for health reasons. Having a permanent plan that is yours, along with your group plan, gives you permanent financial security. ​

As the Licensed Life Insurance Specialist, Kaleo has the knowledge and resources to help each family member to have the perfect customized plan that will fit your particular needs and budget. In an initial meeting, she will help you find  the options available to you.  From there, it is your choice on how you want to proceed.  We would be happy to work with you, or you can go to another agent, if you prefer. 


We just strongly recommend you that you make a decision to move forward with the plan you choose with someone—to give both you and your family peace of mind today for whatever might happen tomorrow.

For more information, call Kaleo at 914-466-0015 or email kaleowheeler@gmail.com