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Free Your True Voice 
Create Positive & Joyful Relationships
through Living Aloha

Lokahi Acupressure and
Energy Balancing

Aligning & Balancing Your Mind, Heart & Spirit

Acupressure is a Generic Term, describing any Health Art in which Finger Pressure is used to Stimulate or Release the Chinese Acu-points. It works with the same Meridian System as Acupuncture, but without the need for needles.  

The Asian Belief is that disease occurs on an Energy Level first; and then manifests in the Emotional and Physical as symptoms.  Health is the body/mind/spirit in Balance; and Disease is a Lack of Balance and Lack of Vital Energy.  Health is actually not just the absence of disease, but beyond that.  It is a State of Balance and a feeling of well-being.  

Lokahi is a Hawaiian word that means Unity - Oneness.  Purpose of Lokahi Acupressure is:

  • Tension Release

  • Stress Reduction

  • Energy Balancing

  • Emotional Release and Transformation

  • Getting in Touch with your Inner Self/Higher Power


The Relationship Between Stress & Transformation:

  • Stress can be debilitative or transformative

  • You can expand limitations - past inertia, fear, defensiveness and worry

  • It can move you towards increased Freedom and Fulfillment

  • It is a Transformation of Mindset

As with the ancient Hawaiian Wisdom of Aloha; Acupressure is based on the Taoist Attitude of Respect and Acceptance of Life.  It is learning to Flow with the Cyclic Changes of Life.  It is a Philosophy of Life which describes: Flow, Change & Growth. 

Everything Changes

Except the Fact that

Everything Changes
-an ancient Chinese Proverb


The sessions begin with a biofeedback scanning with the Zyto technology using the Balance scan. The Balance Scan gives you a clear internal assessment of where you need help within your Emotional and Acupressure systems.  From the Scan, you will receive some simple acu-points that you will be able to do as self-acupressure on yourself and some suggestions for Essential Oils that can be of help.  


You can also schedule acupressure sessions with me, where a cold laser is also used on the points. These sessions will facilitate a quicker transformation for you to reach your goals.


Lokahi Acupressure is a wonderful marriage in bringing the ancient healing arts together with modern technology to help you to align and integrate your whole mind, emotions and spirit to live your fullest life in joy, harmony and well being.

Sessions available in person in the Glendale Shoals area of Spartanburg SC

Holiday Specials:  A Diagnostic Session with Recommendations and Self-Acupressure:  $75  

                           Acupressure Sessions: a Series of 3 for $200