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Step Into Your Divine Feminine
Bring the Sacredness Into Your Life

The Divine Feminine
Step into Your Greatness

“The Divine Feminine takes us to:  
Our Feelings... Our Insights...  
Our Ideas... Our Intuitive Self... 
Our Hidden Dreams…  
Our Creative Self Unique to each of us” 

Bringing our Divine Feminine into Balance with our Divine Masculine,
We Will  Create our World within the World Around us
of Joy, Gratitude, Empowerment and Inner Peace.  

Women's Sacred Circle, A Gathering
Thursda, October 13   6:00pm 
EnerBalance Holistic Healing Wellness Center, Greenville SC
Space Limited - RSVP Required


A New Moon Ceremony
Sunday, September 25   7:00pm
EnerBalance Holistic Healing Wellness
, Greenville SC
Space Limited - RSVP Required


The Ancient Indigenous peoples believe, as well as other ancient traditions such as Chinese Taoism, that it is through the "Dance of Relativity" of the two aspects of the life that is in all of us - god/Goddess, yin/yang, the feminine/masculine - that we find balance within our mind, body. heart and spirit.  It is how we find our way back to our Divine Self and Inner Oness and Peace; and when we are in our Inner Oneness, we can help to bring Harmony to the world around us.  


Yet we have found ourselves living in a Time Era for the last 5,000 years, as part of our evolution on this planet, that created an aggressive male-dominated, male-oriented, user-and-throwaway society and a suppression of the feminine energy.  Many of us, especially women, have forgotten and become disconnected from what the true nature of their Divine/Sacred Feminine and lost in the conditioning and beliefs placed on us.

But that Time Era is now at an end, and a New Era is beginning – in bringing the Divine Feminine into prominence and in balance with the Divine Masculine. The confusion and conflict we are experiencing in this present moment is always part of the shift that can happen when going through a transformation. especially as great as this one.  It gives us an opportunity to release where we are still caught in old limiting thought patterns from the ways that are holding us back, and to choose how we are moving forward, fully present in this new Time, to bring balance and harmony to the relationships in our world and within each of us.  

The Native American Hopi tribe believes the Divine Feminins is:

  • how Source and the Divine Within, speaks to us to guide us in our purpose during our particular earth walk. 

  • our creative thought – our intuition – our “gut” feelings – our hidden dreams.   

  • where the uniqueness, differentness, the individuality and creative spirit of each of us is valued and honored.

  • the belief in the equality of all things,

  • to live with love, kindness and gratitude in our hearts.  When we do, we create our within within the world around us, free of any of those remaining aggressive yang influences that continue to be in our lives and that have been dysfunctional and abusive.  We can accept the Divine Masculine within ourselves and nurture and support it to help to bring it to that world around us. 

From the ancient indigenous Hawaiian teachings, it is being in the “Spirit of Aloha”. It is remembering that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come in and be involved in this human experience. It is through experiencing this dance of duality and relativity with our feminine and masculine aspects within ourselves and each other, that we are given the opportunities to help each other to grow and evolve even more into our Spiritual Greatness.   


Kaleo is one of the keepers of an ancient tradition honoring the power of the Divine Feminine within the self through apprenticing to a Native American Shaman for 14 years.  It is a combination of a very ancient tradition going back to Egypt and before with Native American practices.  It is a nurturing path, a path of love.  It is not a religion or cult and is complimentary to any religious practice. 

Kaleo has also been honored to have studied and worked with Master Teachers – Kahuna and Shaman - from several of these Ancient Age Indigenous traditions over the last 25 years.  She brings all that she has learned and experienced to women and men today during this time of Transformation. She also provides an opportunity to experience this energy in action through an Ancient Moon Ceremony to Awaken the Divine Feminine within you and learn how to live and incorporate it with the Divine Masculine as a Spiritual Practice to live every moment of your life in Balance and Harmony.

 In classes, workshops and private sessions, Kaleo creates a sacred space and holds the energy for everyone to feel safe to examine, confront and transform old limiting belief patterns, illusions and fears and experience living in the Power, Wisdom, Love and Abundance of their Divine Self. 

It is in embracing the Divine Feminine and bringing it into harmony with the Divine Masculine that we will find harmony and peace for our world.”                                              - Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, Native American Elder 

Moon Ceremonies and Classes and Trainings are held at the River House in Spartanburg SC 
and at the EnerBalance Holistic Healing Wellness Center in Greenville

Kaleo Nahenahe Wheeler is also available for Individual Mentoring Sessions in Spartanburg  and online on Zoom