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Embrace Your Divine Feminine
Live in the Beauty & Sacredness of Life

Women's Sacred Circles
Creating Sisterhood
to Live in Beauty & Sacredness

Monthly Gatherings


Facilitated by Kaleo Wheeler


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Greenville SC Sacred Circle

Thursday, October 13   6:00pm to 8:00pm

Locaiton: EnerBalance Holistic Healing

Wellness Center

Online Zoom Sacred Circles

3rd Monday of Each Month

Monday, October 17    7:00pm to 9:00pm

A Sacred and Safe Space is created  for women of all ages to come together to experience the Ancient Indigenous Teachings and have discussion ("Talk Story") to help each other individually and together to Awaken and Embrace Your Divine Feminine to BE THE BEST YOU...EVER!!!!! 

These ancient teachings embrace the Universal Law of living in the Beauty & Sacredness within ourselves, with each other and with the sacred land.  Each woman will have opportunity to express her story and what is in her heart, based on the Teachings for that Month's Circle. She can feel heard and accepted unconditionally by others and then be the listener and witness when the other women share from their hearts. There is no dialogue or advice given. If a story surfaces for you while listening to another women's story, you can share that when it is again your turn.    

It is not a group therapy session, nor do we feel like we have to "be on" or perform for anyone. We just tell whatever stories we would like to share in that Circle; and as we listen to others' stories, we can find ourselves oftentimes recognizing that those same patterns and issues are within ourselves and that we are not alone in what we are experiencing.  

In sharing our stories together in sacred space, we discover our commonality and Sisterhood where we can reveal our fears and doubts, find comfort and support from one another; and embrace and celebrate our beauty, creativity, sensuality, uniqueness and our personal values. From this place of community and sisterhood, we celebrate our Sacred Feminine and Oness through support and encouragement to then go back into our individual lives and the relationships that we are in, to be our True and Authentic Selves and share our unique gifts with our loved ones and the world.

Circles both in person and online are for a maximum of 12 participants. 


The Fee is $20 - Bring a friend and receive a $5 discount.

“It is through the Divine Feminine energy that we will find healing on the planet”

Come be part of our 'Ohana (Community).

Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best